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Cholderton Charlie's Farm

Look at the photographs from our visit to Cholderton farm.
Picture 1 Can anyone spot the rabbit?
Picture 2 We liked the cute rabbits!
Picture 3 Feeding the baby cows
Picture 4 Feeding the baby cows
Picture 5 Feeding the goats
Picture 6 Feeding the goats
Picture 7 Look at that big pig!
Picture 8 We enjoyed feeding the goats
Picture 9 Feeding the goats!
Picture 10 We got to hold two rabbits!
Picture 11 Feeding the sheep
Picture 12 "Here piggy piggy piggy!"
Picture 13 Watching the pigs
Picture 14 Such big pigs!
Picture 15 Shetland Ponies
Picture 16 Smile!
Picture 17 Feeding the pigs
Picture 18 Yum Yum!
Picture 19 We enjoyed watching the planes fly over our heads!
Picture 20 Whose turn is it?
Picture 21 Lunch time
Picture 22 We had fun on Charlie the tractor!
Picture 23 What's over there?
Picture 24 Climbing the tree
Picture 25 The geese were very loud!
Picture 26 We made friends!
Picture 27 "Do you like my hairstyle?"
Picture 28 Look at the baby chicks!
Picture 29 We saw lots of cute rabbits!
Picture 30 Charlie the Tractor