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Haynes Motor Museum

Please look at our photographs - Curriculum enrichment visits bring learning to life!
Picture 1 Childrens breakfast before transport was soup!
Picture 2 Who's going to drive?!?
Picture 3 The King, Queen, their children and chauffeur
Picture 4
Picture 5 We had to take the roof off to get inside!
Picture 6 How many kids can you fit in a car?!?
Picture 7 Prince Harry and Prince William's Go Carts!!!
Picture 8 Laurie wins the race!
Picture 9
Picture 10 We went for a drive in an old car!
Picture 11 Playtime
Picture 12 Playtime
Picture 13 5 million pound car!
Picture 14 Vroom Vroom!!
Picture 15 We're going on a school trip!