Hindon CEVA Primary School: Where Happy Children Learn! - Maintaining a 'Good' Ofsted grade - October 2018!

Trips and Visits

Port Reigs Swimming

Port Reigs Swimming 1
Port Reigs Swimming 2
Port Reigs Swimming 3
Port Reigs Swimming 4

Fire Safety Visit

Fire Safety Visit 1
Fire Safety Visit 2
Fire Safety Visit 3

Visit to the local shop

Visit to the local shop 1
Visit to the local shop 2
Visit to the local shop 3

Tank Museum Visit

Tank Museum Visit 1
Tank Museum Visit 2
Tank Museum Visit 3
Tank Museum Visit 4
Tank Museum Visit 5
Tank Museum Visit 6
Tank Museum Visit 7

Mad Science VIsit

Mad Science VIsit 1

Christening for our baby 'Lola'

Christening for our baby 'Lola'  1

Trip to Reeves Bakery

Trip to Reeves Bakery 1
Trip to Reeves Bakery 2

Little Red Hen visit

Little Red Hen visit 1
Little Red Hen visit 2

Winchester Science Museum

Winchester Science Museum 1
Winchester Science Museum 2
Winchester Science Museum 3

Longleat Safari Park

Longleat Safari Park 1
Longleat Safari Park 2
Longleat Safari Park 3
Longleat Safari Park 4
Longleat Safari Park 5
Longleat Safari Park 6
Longleat Safari Park 7
Longleat Safari Park 8