Welcome to Hindon CEVA Primary School ..............Where Happy Children Learn!


Such a sad end to our crazy year, but I am sure the children are ready for a break. I am sad that we won't be able to have our last week together, but we will just have to make up for it in September.


For this week, continue with the homework that I sent home with the children and fill those gaps :) 


For English, I will set out 5 tasks to complete. They can pick and choose which of these to complete. You can choose to complete as many as you would like. 


1) Produce a poster about volcanoes. Include a beautiful drawing of a volcano and see if you can write about them around the edge.


2) Create a terracotta warrior. You can choose to do this with clay, paint, by drawing, papier mache or any other creative means you can think of. 


3) Write a newspaper article about any subject you would like. Remember all of the features of a newspaper article that we learned about this year; subheadings, titile, picture, caption, the five W's and a concluding paragraph. 


4) Write a story like Mulan. Try changing some characters, remember to include speech, remember your paragraphs. Think about some of the aspects from Mulan you could include in your story. E.g. A female in the army, traditional Chinese values etc.


5) Design your own Viking king. Think back to Beowulf and design your own fearless leader. Write a small paragraph underneath describing him. 


Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday and I am already looking forward to all of the exciing things we are going to be learning about next year! :)