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Week commencing 01.03.21

Before we go on to our next unit we are going to have a little recap on counting up to 50! 

To complete this lesson watch the video below, then download the sheet (no need to print it unless you want to) and complete the answers on your whiteboards. Good luck and grown ups let me know how your Owl feels about their numbers to 50 :) 


Our next unit is weight and mass and today's lesson is another practical one :) You won't need a pencil or paper but you will need a basket, bucket or bag! Once you have this press play on the video below to get started :) 


Today, you are going to be testing the weight of different objects in your house and recording which objects are heavier, which objects are lighter and which objects are equal (which means they weigh the same) :) Make sure you ask your grown ups before you decide which objects you are going to use to make sure they are safe! 

For example you might have a ruler on the lighter side and a book on the heavier side! 

You can draw pictures of the items you choose or write their names :) 

This can be completed on the sheet below or on whiteboards :) 


Today, we are continuing with our weight and mass unit ready for when we come back to school on Monday! Wooho! Download the activity cards below and write the sentences on your whiteboards. All Owls should do the first page but for an extra challenge have a go at the 3rd page! :)