Please look at your Class page in the 'Children' section for your Home/School learning. Follow the email link to talk to your teacher if you need help with your work.


For the daily spellings task ask your child to do the following;

1) Read the word

2) Sound out the word

3) Write the word in 'try 1'

4) Check to see if they've spelled the word correctly

5) Move onto 'try 2' and 'try 3'


Do this for 2 words each day.


Each day, once they have learned 2 words, do the following for each word;


1) Speak out loud a simple sentence to your child including one of  the words.

2) Ask them to write this sentence down focusing on spelling the main word correctly.

3) Look at their sentence together and check for the following;

  • Capital letters at the beginning of the sentence and for any proper nouns (names) 
  • Full stops at the end of the sentence 
  • Finger spaces in between words
  • Cursive script (joined handwriting) 


Do not be afraid  to ask your child to re-write the sentence or improve it, but remember to praise them for the things they have remembered. The main focus of this task is spelling their learned word correctly, everything else is just a bonus :)