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Week commencing 01.03.21


Today, we are going to be comparing different forms of travel :) Go through the power point below then turn to the page labelled I can compare travel and transport of the past, present, and future and fill in the table. Answering the prompts Now and 1852! They will most likely be very different :) 
For today's session we are going to create a piece of art based on one of the different forms of travel we have learnt about so far! You might choose an old form of travel like the first hot air balloon,the penny farthing bicycle with the big wheel, a pirate ship or a new form like a modern day car or aeroplane! Turn to the page labelled I can create a piece of to display my favourite form of travel. Use any kind of art you such as paint, colouring pencils or even clay (as long as you take a picture to stick in your topic book) 
Today we are going to be using our knowledge of different forms of transport (both old and new) to design a modern day pirate ship! Pirates used their ships to travel the seas a long time ago but for this lesson we are going to draw one with modern features. Turn to the page labelled I can design a present day version of a pirate ship and draw and label your present day pirate ship. Make it colourful and make sure the labels use the correct vocabulary. To help you you could go back to our lesson last week when we labelled an old pirate ship! Good luck! 




Today is our last lesson of our travel and transport learning :) 

We are going to write a letter to a pirate from the past telling them about all the different types of transport that we have learnt about. There will be some that the pirate will already know about (like pirate ships) but some he won't know about because they were invented after the pirate life (cars, aeroplanes). 


Turn to the page labelled I can write an essay about different ways to travel

You could begin your letter with 'Dear Cap'n Dreadful' or any pirate name you can research or think of! 

Remember to use the vocabulary we have learnt so far like aeroplane, invention, explore, transport, land.

Also remember finger spaces, capital letters, full stops, and exclamation marks! 


When you have done this there is a quiz to complete on the next page and don't forget to go back to the beginning of of travel and transport unit to fill in the I know section on your vocabulary page :) 

Well done, Owls!