Welcome to Hindon CEVA Primary School ..............where happy children learn! ........In the event of School or Bubble closure due to Covid19, please access your child's class page for home learning support.

Year 3


The above spelling link is for the Year 3 spelling list for the entire year. Each week the children will need to work through one page of these spellings and learn two each day. Once you have learned the two spellings, write one sentence using each word.

Reading Comprehension

The above link is for a PDF file for reading comprehension. It contains; the text, the questions and the answers. There are 1,2 and 3 star worksheets (located at the bottom of each question page) which relates to the difficulty of the questions. It is your choice which worksheet you want to tackle at home with your child, my advice would be to begin with the 1 star one for the first week and then progressively work your way up to the 3 star worksheets.

Maths Homework 

Every lesson that we do in school has an accompanying 'Reasoning and Mastery' question. The link above contains 5 questions, one to be completed each day as homework by every child.