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Year 5


The above spelling link is for the Year 5 spelling list for the entire year. Each week the children will need to work through one page of these spellings and learn two each day. Once you have learned the two spellings, write one sentence using each word.

Reading Comprehension

The above link is for a PDF file for reading comprehension. It contains; the text, the questions and the answers. There are 1,2 and 3 star worksheets (located at the bottom of each question page) which relates to the difficulty of the questions. It is your choice which worksheet you want to tackle at home with your child, my advice would be to begin with the 1 star one for the first week and then progressively work your way up to the 3 star worksheets.

We will be looking at Beowulf when we return after Christmas. It would be great if the children were familiar with the story before we begin in January. Below is a comprehension activity for the story as well as a YouTube link. 


Please be aware that not all YouTube links for Beowulf are appropriate for children's viewing. It is advised that all parents watch the video clips prior to allowing the children to watch them. :) 

Maths Homework

This week, year 5 need to learn their 6 times tables back the front and inside out. They need to be able to count up in threes and answer number sentences flipped around. 

2x6=12   as well as    6x2=12     

They also need to learn the division (inverse) number sentences e.g. 12÷6=2   as well as   12÷2=6


If they are secure with their times tables (which most of them are) ask them to explain to you how we have been looking at multiplying decimal numbers (money) by 10  and 100. remind them that we keep the decimal place in the same spot and move the numbers one (for times 10) and 2 (for times 100) columns to the left and then add  'place holder' zeros onto the end. 



There are also some fun maths activities in the BLENDED LEARNING folder if you fancy doing extra work :)