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Autumn 2 2020

In science we have been starting to look at the classification of rocks and thinking about their properties. To do this, we began with sedimentary rocks and used different sweet delights to create the layers of rock you find in a sedimentary rock. Ask us how sedimentary rocks are created.
I don't think I even need to write anything to express how incredibly proud I am of the Kestrels and their DT projects this week. They have done a fantastic job and the results are just amazing. Well done Kestrels. :) I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

This week we have been creating our Volcano nightlights thinking about our consumer, our design criteria and the aesthetics of our product. 


We began by creating the shape of a volcano around a jam jar using newspaper. We then built this up using mod rock to create a realistic texture of a volcano. Don't worry, for the children at home, we made extra ones so they didn't miss out. 


Next we attached the lights, thinking about how the lava will look around our volcanoes when we paint them. On Monday we will be painting them and then adding the ash clouds using a lollipop stick and wadding.

This week we have been recapping and re-visiting our Learning Muscles for our new Key Stage 2 classmates. We have been reminding ourselves what it takes to become a good learner by representing our learning behaviors on our very own shields. We decided to represent each behavior with an animal that best fit each one.

We have been enjoying some 'edible science' by exploring cross-curricular links with Geography and creating a desert which explained the 4 layers of The Earth.

We used, strawberry jelly for the Earth's inner core, banana 'Angel Delight' for the Earth's outer core, crushed up digestive biscuits to represent the Earth's mantle layer and then finally some crushed up chocolate buttons to represent the Earth's crust. We certainly enjoyed ourselves.