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Spring 2023 (Jan)

Haynes Motor Museum

To kick off our topic of 'Ingenious Inventions' we went on a trip to Haynes Motor Museum. We were fascinated by the variety of different cars we saw and were lucky enough to sit in some!

Did you know?


Carl Benz is considered to have made the first automobile in 1886! It used a gas engine and only had 3 wheels!

Our work on Transport in Continuous Provision!

Plenty of Popcorn!

In Forest School this week Mrs Gray helped us pop popcorn! We thought it was really funny when the kernels 'popped' and made lots of noise! 

Money Maths!

Year 2 have learnt the value of coins and how to give change. To put their knowledge to the test they set up a cake shop for the Year 1s! 

From 1908 to 2023...

Oh my, how cars have changed!! We were shocked and surprised at the impressive things a Tesla can do, when Mrs Johnson brought her family car in to show us! 

"I think it's actually quite weird that the handles had to get pushed in to be pulled!" - Thomas 



World Book Day 2023!

Well done to everyone for their fantastic effort on World Book Day - we had some superb costumes including a Golden Ticket, Gerald the Giraffe and even a one off appearance from Edmund Hillary! The children were also thrilled to have a performance of The Three Little Pigs from Miss Hall, Miss Gill, Mrs Gray and Mrs Johnson!! We're not sure who enjoyed dressing up more.....!


In Geography this term we have been looking at the 7 continents of the world and using directional vocabulary including North, East, South and West. The children have been busy making their own globes and writing instructions for 'Grandad' from 'Grandad's Island' to make his journey around the world. 

What a treat!

We had s'mores on the fire in Forest School!


Red Nose Day!


We celebrated Red Nose Day by wearing something red and/or having funky hair!!

Our trip to the Army Flying Museum

This term we have learnt all about different types of transport so to round of our topic, we went to have a look at all the old planes and helicopters at the Army Museum. We learnt so much about the development of the army planes starting with one that looked a lot like a kite! We also made our own paper airplanes and helicopters to fly. 

Our Easter Service 

On Tuesday we went to Hindon Church to perform to the parents. Owl Class wrote a whole class poem about Spring and we each read a line.