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Autumn 2022 (Sept)

Welcome to Owl Class Blog! 

We have settled back into Year 1 and Year 2 very nicely and have been busy showing Miss Hall how fantastic we are... keep checking in here to see photographs of all the fun things we are getting up to!

Where We Live

We learnt that the word population means how many people are living in a certain area.

We went out onto the high street to count how many people we saw in Hindon, in 10 minutes - this informed our decisions when choosing from a multiple choice quiz about population! 

Do you think the population is 488, 4800 or 48? 

We've been learning about where we live. We wrote ourselves a postcard, using our own address, and posted them while we were in Salisbury!

After finding out that the population of Hindon is 488, we wanted to see how a city is different from a village, like Hindon. We had a lovely time in Salisbury visiting the Cathedral and Salisbury Museum. 

A lovely morning walk to the allotment....

Outdoor Maths

We love to take our learning outdoors. Here are some of the maths lessons we've enjoyed outside :)

Science - Our Body


In Science we are learning about the human body. We have been busy labelling different parts and finding out what they are used for. Did you know humans, typically, have 206 bones in their body?


Once we'd learnt about the body parts, we chose 5 parts to focus on and discussed what senses each of them were responsible for. 

We played games to help us think about our smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch. 

Our first rugby session with Mr Andrew!

Our new class pets!

Meet our Giant African Land Snails (names tbc)! Giant African Land Snails are easy pets to have but do have certain needs such as being kept at the right temperature, a diet of salad, fruit and calcium and having plenty of soil to dig into.

Pumpkin Soup!

After reading the book 'Pumpkin Soup', we decided we'd quite like to make our own. We were very lucky to have parent helper, Mrs Morsman in to cook with us, the soup was delicious!

RE - The angel Gabriel came to visit Mary with some good news...