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Spring Term B

For your home learning this project this term, please can you complete at least one of the activities below:


1. Royal portraiture is a centuries old tradition used to promote the wealth, power and importance of a monarch. Queen Elizabeth II was the longest-reigning British monarch and has been the subject of countless paintings and pictures. Draw or paint a portrait of the Queen – you might like to create a picture of the young Queen Elizabeth or alternatively create a more recent portrait.


2. Use a range of sources to find out about one of the following royal residences; Balmoral Castle, Buckingham Palace or Osborne House. You can either make a fact file all about one of the royal residences or a 3D model using any craft materials you have at home.


3. The crown represents how powerful the king or queen is in the country. Many monarchs have multiple crowns to symbolise different occasions. Design and make your very own crown. You may even like to make an orb or sceptre to complete your royal look! The link below may be a useful starting point:


Any pictures you have of any of the projects above can be sent to Miss Hall on Class Dojo.