Hindon CEVA Primary School: Where Happy Children Learn! - Maintaining a 'Good' Ofsted grade - NOW OPEN 'Brambles Hindon' Award Winning on- site independent Pre -School

Opening Times

Early Birds 8.00am - 8.15am Monday - Friday
£1.00 per session payable in advance to the office or on the day. Please can children come into school via the Office Door.

Our school day begins at 8.15 am when our doors are open and children come straight in to school.Free toast and butter is offered to all pupils.
Learning begins at 8.30am and an attendance register is called.
Pupils who arrive after this time must come to the office with a Parent or Carer and the Parent or Carer must explain the lateness and sign a 'Late Book'.

School ends at 3.00 pm.
East Knoyle pupils are escorted to the school bus by a member of staff.
Any changes to usual home time arrangements must be written on the board by the office or please phone the office to let us know.
Please understand that we cannot allow a child home with someone we do not know.

 After school Care:

3.00pm - 6.00pm Monday - Friday 
We are linked with ZAC (Zeals Afterschool Club) at Whitesheet Primary Academy (15 minutes along A303) The Club mini bus collects pupils from Hindon School at 3.00pm and transports them them to Zeals School where they are provided with a meal and are looked after until 6.00pm.


Please ask at our Office for further information.


Please do not bring Mobile Phones or Ipads in to school or on to the school grounds. 

Please come and talk to our Safeguarding Staff if you have any concerns about a child's welfare.

Our Safeguarding Staff are:

Mrs Gunter DSL
Mrs Drake DDSL 

Mrs Caughy Safeguarding Governor

Friday -   Swimming and PE at Port Regis Private School. PE kit can be worn all day. Children return for lunch and then have Games and Healthy Living Lessons at Hindon School in the afternoon.