Welcome to Hindon CEVA Primary School .............. Where Happy Children Learn!

Opening Times

Breakfast Club: 7.45 - 8.30 Monday - Friday
£3.00 per session or £5.00 with a continental style breakfast. Payable in advance to the office via BACs (see School Office tab for payment details) Please can children come into school via the Office Door (please ring the bell)



Start Time:   Please Stop and Drop promptly! 

  Doors Open 8.30am - 8.45 am

After 8.45 Please bring your child to the Office door and sign a late slip with a reason for late attendance.


Finish Times:  Please arrive  promptly

All classes finish at 3.00 pm.


Any changes to usual home time arrangements must be communicated to the office by a parent.

Please understand that we cannot allow a child home with someone we do not know and cannot take a child's word for a new home time arrangement. 

  ZAC After School Care 
We are linked with ZAC (Zeals Afterschool Club) at  Mere  (10 minutes along A303) The Club mini bus collects pupils from Hindon School at 3.00pm and transports them them to Zeals School where they are provided with a meal and are looked after until 6.00pm and 5.30pm on Friday.


Please email the Office for further information.


Please do not bring Mobile Phones or Ipads in to school or on to the school grounds. 





Children Missing in Education Flow Chart