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Autumn 2020


After two weeks of lockdown we're back and raring to go, back into full swing again and thoroughly enjoying our time back together in Kestrels. The children have shown such resilience over the past few weeks and I can see how hard some of you have been working at home to keep them learning. smiley




Over the past two weeks, the children have been writing the most fantastic poems I have ever read. We took the first section of our book 'Kenzuke's Kingdom' and wrote poems about it. We have learned about alliteration, personification, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, similes and oxymorons and we have used these in our poems. Here are just a few of the examples. We wrote them onto plain paper, tea stained them and then burned the edges to make them look like old paper found at sea.
We have been sewing our Christmas jumpers this week in the afternoons and here are some pictures of the wonderful things they have been creating.
After they had finished their own, they then went around the class and helped each other blush needless to say Mrs Muelchi regretted beginning sewing after realising how many pieces of string she would have to put knots in... big mistake, luckily I had some helpers.
...Ethan even felt adventurous enough to explore a different way of sewing...I have apparently been doing it wrong for all of these years. laugh
Of course...we couldn't leave out Edward, so we made him a jumper to send all the way to Peru!