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Uniform Information

New Direct to Parents Service

Uniform will now be delivered to your home.

School trends have slightly changed how they despatch uniform, you still order online in the same way but uniform will now be delivered to an address of your choice rather than to school.

There is a small delivery charge of £2.99 but prices have been reduced slightly to help with this.

Please use this new link to order uniform:


School Uniform:

School Blue Logo Sweatshirt or Cardigan
White Polo shirt or Cotton Shirt
Black trousers ( Skinny black chino style jeans or black leggings are acceptable and very comfortable)

Grey or black Shorts
Grey or Black Skirt or Pinafore
Blue check summer dress
Grey, white or black socks or tights

Black shoes or boots

PE/Games Kit:

Light Blue Polo Shirt
Navy Shorts
Navy Sweatshirt
Navy Joggers
Training Shoes


Picture 1 Summer Dress
Picture 2 Smart uniform
Picture 3 Logo Sweatshirts
Picture 4 Grey Skirts of Pinifore Dress
Picture 5 We provide 'All in one waterproof suits'
Picture 6 Smart PE/Games Kit
Picture 7 Summer Logo Shirts