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Autumn 2023 - Living on an Island

Welcome back! 

 We have had a wonderful first week back getting to know our new classmates and teachers. We have been very busy making self-portraits, enjoying the hot weather and beginning to investigate our island topic. 


At the weekend, the staff from Hindon School did an abseil from the top of King Alfred's Tower. The children were amazed by this and decided to build their own tower with someone abseiling down! They worked as a team, collaborating about where each join needed to be. They measured the tower at 150cm! They then wondered if the tower was taller than any of the staff so we went to find out! We can confirm Mrs Muelchi was taller, but Miss Gill was shorter! 


Brownsea Island!

We were so lucky to be able to go on a trip to Brownsea Island. We were so excited and the day did not disappoint! The boat trip was calm with the occasional wave when a speed boat zoomed past! When we got to the island we were greeted by our tour guides Ian and Sophie. They were amazing and taught us all about what life on an island is like. Did you know:

  • There are 3 families living on Brownsea Island and the children have to get a boat to school!
  • The island has its own fire truck and trained staff in-case there is a fire, because it would take the fire service a long time to get over on a boat! 
  • They keep red squirrels on the island to ensure they do not go extinct. Grey squirrels carry a disease called 'Squirrel Pox' which can kill red squirrels, luckily, squirrels can't swim!
  • There used to be a daffodil farm on the island and you can still see some daffodils growing in the spring. 

The adults were so proud of Owl Class as they behaved beautifully. with lots of comments from the public with positive praise. We would highly recommend a trip to Brownsea Island in your own time, the children would make great tour guides!


In Owl Class we regularly add to the resources in our provision to enhance the children's learning experiences. This week we have been investigating animals. 


All Things Autumn!


We have loved learning about Autumn. Some of the things we have been doing in our free learning are:

  • Reading key words in our Autumn Tray
  • Scooping out pumpkins and gourds
  • Sketching pumpkins
  • We told the story of Harvest in our Harvest Festival!




In DT this term we made vegetable soup. We learnt about where our fruit and vegetables come from and decided we would use potatoes, carrots, parsnips and onion in our soup! It was delicious!

Then we wanted to learn all about mechanisms and in particular a pulley system, like the one Mrs Grinling uses in The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. We thought about how we could transfer our soup from one area to another! We used some super vocabulary such as axel, winch and slope. 


Maths Autumn 2 - Shapes!


In art we've been investigating line and shape and how these are used in Optical Illusions. We explored some art by Bridget Riley and had a go at creating some of our own Op Art. 


English - Autumn 2

The Storm Whale and The Storm Whale in Winter


Curiosity Bubble!

We have been so curious about the things in our Curiosity Bubble that we decided to start writing down our questions. This week we asked lots of questions about Remembrance Sunday and The World Wars.