Welcome to Hindon CEVA Primary School ......... Investigate, Explore, Create!


                      Broad and Balance Curriculum

Our broad and balanced creative curriculum is driven by three principles:

                                         Investigate the past,

                                          Explore the present, 

                                            Create the future.

                     Our curriculum inspires a journey of life long learning

    At Hindon School, we know that every pupil is on a journey of learning and discovery.

We have designed six intent statements that support a holistic approach to educating the whole child and we support each child on their journey towards achieving these before they move on to the next stage of their education and a life full of new learning opportunities! 

           Phonics and Early Reading




Reading: We follow Little Wandle, Letters and Sounds early reading scheme. Children are 'Bench Marked' twice a year from Year 1 onwards to ensure that their reading and phonics levels match with the correct level of Reading Book. Children are also encouraged to read for pleasure by selecting a 'sharing book' to take home daily and to select a Library Book from the Wiltshire Library Bus that visits the school every two weeks.

Guided Reading: We follow Little Wandle reading scheme during EYFS and Year 1. We then use VIPERS from Literacy Shed to support Guided Reading lessons.

Phonics: We use Little Wandle Letters and Sounds.

Spelling: We follow Spelling Zoo for national curriculum age related spellings and children have their own individual spelling lists on their tables to support high frequency words and common exception words that they need to practise in free writing.

Writing: We base fiction writing on Talk for Writing and link writing to our topic subjects as much as possible to ensure that pupils write for a real purpose.  Technical writing skills are supported by Grammar and Punctuation and vocabulary lessons and children learn skills that they then apply to an end of unit piece of free writing or an essay at the end of topic subjects. 



We teach maths using the White Rose Maths scheme of work. We use  Year Group WRM text books for children to record their workings of age related learning and mastery thinking questions as well as individual exercise books for children to show their workings when answering Deeper Learning reasoning questions. 

Pupils also apply their maths knowledge and skills to Topic subjects and STEM projects. 



                                    Cross Curricular Topics 

Please view Class Pages for Long Term and Medium Term Curriculum Plans.

Long Term plans demonstrate how the National Curriculum is covered in mixed age classes throughout the year. Medium Term plans demonstrate how the curriculum is delivered through Cross Curricular Topics and Curriculum Enrichment Activities. 


Our Class Pages are: 


Robin Class - EYFS

Owl Class - Year 1,2 

Kingfisher Class - Year 3

Woodpecker Class - Year 4,5,6