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(please also see the Phonics folder on the previous page)

One page of spellings is to be completed every week using the 'look, cover, write, check' system. As extensions, children can;


1) Write a sentence using each word.

2) Find the definition of the word in a dictionary and write it out.

3) See how many of their spelling words they can use in one paragraph.

KS1 Tricky Words - children should learn these common exception words by the time they leave Year 2. 


Watch some of these videos to help with some of the content of English in Key Stage 1.

Be warned - they are very catchy and will get stuck in your head! :)

Books that we've enjoyed so far in English this year that you might want to revisit at home:

Reading isn't simply being able to read what's on the page. At Hindon Primary School, we use VIPERS as a method of encouraging children to use their comprehensive skills while reading. This enables children to have a deeper understanding of what they are reading and allows them to connect it to real-life events. Please see the guide below to support comprehension at home.