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Forest School, Welly Walks and Outside Learning

Outside Learning at Forest School!

 Hide Away Play Den
Christmas Forest School

Bug House builders - Local Eco Church Project!

Why Forest School and Outside Learning?

                             The best classrooms are roofed only by the sky!
Research now provides evidence to suggest that outdoor learning successfully helps children develop their self - belief, confidence, learning capacity, enthusiasm, communication and problem-solving skills and emotional well-being. 
Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
At Forest School children are physically active a lot of the time and this can lead to the appreciation of healthy exercise and as the children gain confidence and improve their self-esteem this can impact on their emotional well-being.  
Decision Making
The ‘natural’, and yet controlled, safe environment of Forest School ensures that children learn to assess risks and are encouraged to make sensible and informed decisions about how to deal with unfamiliar and unpredictable situations (such as exploring or climbing trees, using tools to build shelters and dens). This decision making process provides a child with future life skills which will help them make the right decisions to stay safe when faced with unfamiliar surroundings.
A sense of Achievement
Forest School sets learning in a different context for children where they can undertake a range of practical activities and tasks. At Forest School children can develop their team work skills.
Self - confidence and enterprising behaviour 
Forest School helps children to develop their confidence. As they become familiar with Forest School they can take their new-found confidence into school and into other areas of their lives. Forest School can be particularly effective for children who might struggle with the more formal classroom environment. Children learn to solve problems and be creative and imaginative at Forest School thus showing enterprising behaviour. 
Outside Learning, Forest School and Welly Walks are part of our holistic approach to education.

National Trust - 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4

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Welly Walks and Forest School

Forest School

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